Connaught Rangers (The Devil's Own)

Club members present a cheque for 1,000 to
Hugh Winter and Jeffrey Jeremiah of the Army Benevolent Fund

Uniform and equipment

Cost of Uniform and Equipment:

Club members may buy the following kit and equipment at cost as shown below. These items may also be purchased by non-club members periodically depending upon availability, on application to the club secretary.

Uniform and Equipment Cost
 G.A. Embleton Red tunic 95
White trousers 30
Shako (including plate and plume) 40
Bayonet sling 20
Cartridge box and cross belt 40
Gaiters 20
Miscellaneous - buttons, stock, tools    5
Total..... 250

If you want to purchase any of the above, complete the Uniform Order and return to the General Secretary with a cheque for 50% deposit made out to "88th Regiment of Foot".


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